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Transferring knowledge for a digitalized society

About Us

The goal of this non-profit organization is application-oriented research regarding a digitalized society. The transmission of scientific ideas to the economy and society of the region enables the development of innovation-driving potential for the city of Bottrop and the Ruhr Metropolis. 

Especially young and educated people would be supported through the development of interdisciplinary and future-oriented higher education options

Current Projects

The Prosperkolleg project

Circular Economy in the Emscher-Lippe region

Closing off cycles for a sustainable use of materials with new projects, procedures, and business models - This was the goal of stakeholders of the Prosperkolleg project.
Prosperkolleg Projekt
Series of Events


The six part event series, which was developed with university partners from NRW, aims to motivate students to engage with the topic Circular Growth at an early stage.

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Want to support our work? Have interest in collaboration? We look forward to hearing from you.