Neues zur zirkulären Wertschöpfung / Circular Economy News

The publication series “Prospektiven” reports on project results and findings from the Prosperkolleg research project.


Carina Hermandi, Linda Dierke, Stefan Alscher, Manuel Grundmann and Wolfgang Irrek

This concept paper addresses the research question: What are the challenges and opportunities in initiating and introducing Circular Economy approaches in SMEs and what support do SMEs need to effectively implement Circular Economy strategies and measures? For this purpose, possible fields of action as well as challenges and opportunities for the introduction of Circular Economy approaches in cooperation with SMEs were investigated and a structured procedure was developed with which companies can identify initial approaches and solution steps so that the change from a linear to a circular value creation succeeds. The result was the Prosperkolleg’s Potential Check Circular Economy with a four-step procedure for individual consideration of the circular economy in the respective companies, including a circularity matrix – a tool for identifying suitable fields of action in the companies. [Language: German]



Manuel Grundmann, Stefan Alscher

Companies from the food packaging and food manufacturing sectors are showing interest in the sustainability assessment of their packaging. Before more sustainable packaging alternatives are developed in elaborate processes, a transparent and comprehensible approach to possible product variants based on sound criteria is in the interest of the companies.
This article presents the results from the development of the evaluation matrix and the evaluation questions from the cooperation with the companies. It gives an insight into the structure of the matrix, its application and possible potentials for its further development. [Language: German]




Impulse zur zirkulären Wertschöpfung / Enabling the Circular Economy

The Rethink series takes up topics of circular value creation, brings them to the point in an understandable way and wants to set impulses.


Sabine Büttner, Wolfgang Irrek, Uwe Handmann

Circular value creation (Circular Economy) is a central building block in the transformation to a sustainable economy. The practice-oriented research project “Prosperkolleg” shows that medium-sized companies are open to developing their business models in this direction, but need impetus and tools to put this concept into practice. Other players are also looking for support on the path to circular value creation. A Competence Center Circular Value Creation NRW can reliably strengthen the innovative power in this field and at the same time open up potential for the labor market. [Language: German]

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Special Issue

Guest Editors: Prof. Dr. César A. Collazos, Prof. Dr. Stefan Geisler, Prof. Dr. Sabrina C. Eimler, Prof. Dr. Uwe Handmann

HCI-related development is entering a new era, which demands new technologies to support the rapid development of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) applications. Current cutting edge technologies, which include brain-computer interface (BCI), image and vision computing, artificial intelligence, etc., have made an impact on HCI applications. Challenges exist in conception and technology, but also new methods and tools have to be thought up, for example, in participatory design. This Special Issue aims to gather experts and scholars from related fields to present and share their recent research on HCI and brain informatics related applications.