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Six stages to professional success

As part of the project “Zirkel.Training ”, the Prosperkolleg e.V. developed a series of events with university partners from NRW, which deals with the topic of Circular Growth and aims to motivate Students to become transformation participants at an early stage.

Aimed at students in their bachelor’s and master’s courses, the series displays the current state of science and practice in a way that is appropriate for the target group, and tries to inspire enthusiasm for the topic and stimulate discourse.

Subsequently, the students should be qualified for sustainable, future-oriented jobs. Disciplinary, professional, and interdisciplinary training, along with an inter and trans disciplinary understanding of the topic is required. This is how specialists are trained that can use their know-how in the area of circular growth to aid in the transformation of existing companies and generate ideas for new start-ups.  

The events occurred in the  2021 summer semester and the 2021/22 winter semester.

Konferenz, Maker Space
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash


  • Communicate knowledge about Circular Growth using concrete application examples.

  • Motivate students to deepen and disseminate the topic within specialized works and theses.

  • Develop a starting point for a practice oriented network of students, teachers, universities, companies and other participants for Circular Growth.

Illustration Produktlebenszyklus
Along the product life cycle

Along the product life cycle

With the event series Zirkel. Training, the students obtain a good insight and overview of the different strategies of Circular Growth that aim to preserve the value of resources. The content follows along the product life cycle.

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